Search for Feature Codes & Attributes (MS1759)

MS 1759:2015 - Geographic Information / Geomatics - Features and Attribute Codes. MS1759 : 2015 describe the encoding of the real world in terms of features and attributes. Features are real world objects while attributes are properties or characteristics associated with the objects. This document can be purchased from SIRIM



Features and attributes Codes (MS1759) provides the specification by which data producers and users may exchange digital spatial data. This will minimize the possibility of duplication of effort in database development. In the MS 1759:2004, there are twelve (12) data categories as follows:


1.      A =  Aeronautical
2.      B =  Built Environment
3.      D =  Demarcation
4.      G =  Geology
5.      H =  Hydrography
6.      R =  Hypsography
7.      S =  Soil
8.      T =  Transportation
9.      U =  Utility
10.   V =  Vegetation
11.   =  Special Use
12.   Z =  General


The Search Engine provides users the appropriate codes to be applied into their geosaptial data. The system is developed to be flexible and user friendly where users can search by categories and keywords including Feature Description, Feature Name, Feature Code, Attribute Name and Attribute Code. 



MS1759 Brochure (Click to enlarge)

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