Collaborate & Share Your Maps (MyGOS)


Malaysia Geospatial Online Services (MyGOS) is a secured platform for sharing of geospatial information through online. It enables you to turn your data into web-enabled services that your whole organization members can use. The Malaysia Geospatial Online Services (MyGOS) provides a platform for users to use and shared trusted geospatial data, services, and applications within their group of members to meet their mission needs.   


These are the objectives and purpose of MyGOS:-

•       Helps Government Agencies that do not have any GIS infrastructure such as GIS Software and server;

•       Promotes sharing and using geospatial information;

•       Easy – to – use for user that do not have knowldge and skills about GIS without installing GIS Software;

•       Cost saving – the agencies do not need to do any software purchase;

•       Platform for sharing online geospatial information in secured environment.


MyGOS Key Features listed below :


Create Web Maps

Combine your data with ready-to-use, authoritative maps on hundreds of topics. Use high-quality basemaps including streets, topographic, imagery, and demographic maps. You also have access to thousands of map layers shared by users around the world that you can use with your own maps and data.


Collaborate and Share

Make interacting with your organizational data easier. Share content related to a common activity through private groups. Or share relevant content with the public. Embed your maps in web pages, apps or blogs or share through social media.



Make your work force productive right away with ready-to -use apps for the desktop, browsers, smartphones and tablets. 


Collector for ArcGIS

Improve the efficiency of your field work force and the accuracy of your GIS. Use maps and collect data anywhere, whether you are connected or not. Collector for ArcGIS is available for iOS and Android devices.


Operation Dashboard

Monitor real-time data feeds for large-sclae events of day-to-day operations. Create focused, executive dashboards that combine maps, charts and graphs. Operations Dashboard is available for desktop and tablets.


Web Apps and Story Maps Templates

Let anyone interact with your maps. MyGOS apps gallery features a variety of configurable templates that don't require coding. You can showcase multiple maps using story map templates, create time-aware maps, or build apps focused on a particular workflow.


Powerful Analysis Tools

MyGOS gives you access to ready-to-use analysis tools delivered as a web service that you can use with your maps and apps.


Spatial Analysis

Detect patterns in your data to discover new information. Find hot spots of potential customers, identify locations for a new business based on certain characteristic or summarize your data to see what intersects or connects.


Geocoding and Place Search

Convert an address, postal code or other identifier to an x,y coordinate or batch geocode a large number of addresses. The world Geocoding service supports high location accuracy up to address-level-geocoding for over 100 countries. You can visualize the result on a map, insert the points as stops along a route, or use them as input for your spatial analysis. You can also store the results for later use or use the Place Search service to look up a place or point of interest anywhere in the world and display it on your map.



MyGOS gives you control over how you share your maps, apps and data. You decide what to share publicly, share with specific groups or keep completely private.





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