GDC Fundamental Dataset


Fundamental Data (Fundamental Feature) is a geospatial data of high interest or significant comply with standards and required by many parties to support the design and development of a country or organization. GDC Fundamental Data main reference based on features contained in the document of Malaysian Standard MS1759:2015, Geographic Information/Geomatics - Feature and Attribute Codes (First Revision).


 List of Fundamental Dataset


Rational Determination of GDC Fundamental Data is made are as follows :

 Focus on main feature because the number of existing features is too many.

 Classify the main feature only necessary to facilitate the sharing of data among users.

 Make sure the feature ready to be shared by government agencies, whether federal or state via MyGDI program bilaterally.

 Equip and empower GDC database so that data is always available, updated and coordinated (no duplication of data).


GDC Fundamental Data Management