Metadata Catalogue (MyGDI Explorer)



MyGDI Explorer is a metadata catalogue services which enables user to explore, discover, view and evaluate geospatial data from anywhere and at anytime. MyGDI Explorer simplifies access to geospatial information, promotes better integration, and avoids duplication of efforts and encourages sharing of geospatial information across users and agencies in Malaysia.


MyGDI Explorer contains records describing the contents of materials and information on how to access the materials. In other words, it enables users to find the GIS resources, view its description and make assessment on it.The metadata records in MyGDI Explorer are provided by various data providers with a common objective – to make their resources available to users in Malaysia as well as over the world. It is the linkage that connects the data provider with the users of geospatial information via the internet. The growing availability of data of all kinds from many different sources has made GIS technology become more useful and widely adopted. Information published in metadata by data providers enables users to search the required data.


Searching for Geospatial Information

Through MyGDI Explorer, data exploration can be made accessible through a search engine, which provides an interface where the user can submit search queries. There are five (5) options available for users to do the search. They are known as search filters as listed below:

 Geographic area of coverage or place name


 Content Types

 Data categories,

 Date (date update or time period)


A search filter or combinations of the filter options would prompt the displaying of metadata associated with it where users can extract the needed information. Based on metadata information, user can testing data suitability whether fulfil user needs or not.  


If user interested to get the  information, user should request data application letter to MaCGDI Director. 


 List of data available for sharing

 How to apply data through MyGDI 

Search Outcome
When a search query is submitted, user will be presented with a result that contains the title of the geospatial resources (metadata title) together with its geographical extent. The metadata title contains an abstract that describes the resource in general and links to online map. Subsequently, a list of metadata is displayed where details of metadata can be further evaluated. At the metadata details page, the user can view the map and proceed to order the data as well as to download the data if available.


MyGDIX Viewer
MyGDIX Viewer is an application that integrates raster and vector data in a same interactive platform using services.  This application is developed to support MyGDI Explorer in which users will be able to view map services provided if the URL of the map services are included in the metadata. Users will be given opportunity to use some of the map services pre-configured to be overlaid in the application.  


Become a User / Metadata Publisher

Through MyGDI Explorer, user can register here to access details geospatial information and can be Metadata Publisher also. Data providers are required to register before their metadata can be displayed. Their request to have their metadata displayed can be made known by contacting the MyGeoportal Administration. Geographic dataset in ISO 191939 XML standard can be uploaded into the system without the need to re-enter their metadata. The metadata will be handled by the software metadata editor. Users are not required to register with MyGDI Explorer for browsing the site to search for geospatial information. User can click the link below for more details instruction how to be a user in MyGDI Explorer.

 How to be a user in MyGDI Explorer

 User Manual : How to use MyGDI Explorer


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