MyGDI Framework

In the Malaysia contexts, SDI initiatives started from the national level and is expected to filter down to all the states and gradually to all local levels. Like other countries, apart from financial and skill resources which forbid comprehensive big-bang undertaking, are knowledge and agreement among agencies on fundamental datasets that are required to meet common needs. These issues are usually sorted out by the leader agency, in this case is MaCGDI. In 2009, MaCGDI took the initiatives to develop database of fundamental dataset known as NGDC and SGDC.


Framework Data refer to the coordinating data sharing within government agencies by establish fundamental dataset of National Geospatial Data Centre (NGDC) and State Geospatial Data Centre (SGDC). The objective is to prevent duplication of effort in data collection within government agencies. The central focus of the Geospatial Data Centre (GDC) is to support access and encourage greater collaboration and coordination in the use of geospatial data across all levels of government.


The objectives of the development of the data centre were:


 To develop a Geospatial Data Centre consisting of twelve data categories as Aeronautical, Built Environment, Demarcation, Geology, Hydrography, Hypsography, Soil, Transportation, Utility, Vegetation, Special Use and General


 To employ the Geocentric Datum Malaysia (GDM2000) as the reference system for the datasets;


 To produce a seamless datasets according to the Geodatabase format; and


 To use standardised geospatial elements as MS 1759 :2004- Features and Attribute Codes, MS ISO 19115:2003 - Metadata, Unique Parcel Identifier (UPI), MS 2256:2009 - Guideline for the Determination of Geographical Names.


 To serve as basic GIS data layers to be used by government agencies and GIS industries in developing various GIS applications.


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Diagram 1: Framework Data



Diagram 2: Illustration of SDI development in Malaysia




Diagram 3: Position of MyGDI in the Geospatial Data Infrastructure hierarchy